A poszt magyarul.

The more time I spend in the woods accomplishing small tasks, the more I realize that all tools are best at their intended purpose. In my case this is usually means cutting, yet a knife, a saw or an ax does it in a different manner.
Knives are rather for precision cutting, slicing, carving. Saws are for sawing (duh). Hatchets are ideal for felling small trees, chopping & splitting wood. At least in my opinion.

If one uses tools accordingly, they need less maintenance, last longer & are more efficient, easier to use.


My wood processing trio, this time around I would like to shortly introduce the hatchet I use during my hikes. This will be in the perspective of a layman, so don’t expect highly detailed information i.e. steel hardness, weight etc. Visit their site.

What did I need?

– low maintenance
– fair price
– decent price/value ratio
– proper size & balance – small & light enough to hike about with, still efficient enough

I spent some time looking for the ideal candidate & in this category the Fiskars X7 kept popping up with excellent reviews. Since it fully fit the bill I ordered it this February for ~40 EUR on

What do I use it for?

For splitting firewood obviously, which it does fairly well & a bit of clearing here & there. As of yet, I haven’t built any shelter using it (which I’m planning).


Overall I am pleased with this hatchet – it’s very compact, razor sharp, maintains its edge fairly well, fits right in my palm & performs really well.


2 thoughts on “FISKARS X7

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